42nd National Scrabble Championships

Cashmere Club, Christchurch
4th to 6th June 2022

Results produced using Elixs tournament scoring software - www.landonsoftware.nz
Results hosted by Custom D, a Christchurch based builder of awesome apps - www.customd.com

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Round 22: Final results

Grade A

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Joanne Craig498Blue Thorogood352146141081
Dylan Early477Howard Warner4532414749
Cicely Bruce564Liz Fagerlund41315113840
Peter Sinton387Gil Quiballo328591361
Scott Chaput347Paul Richards369-2212-23
Andrew Bradley526Karen Richards41910712-49
Howard Warner453Dylan Early477-2411549
Gil Quiballo328Peter Sinton387-5911-103
Blue Thorogood352Joanne Craig498-14610-177
Karen Richards419Andrew Bradley526-1078-567
Paul Richards369Scott Chaput347228-1567
Liz Fagerlund413Cicely Bruce564-1516-794

Grade B

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Val Mills457Murray Rogers470-1316811
Lorraine Van Veen408Helen Sillis30310513646
Herb Ramsay427Lois Binnie363641338
Margie Hurly387Jane Walton3662113-276
Murray Rogers470Val Mills4571312-262
Lois Binnie363Herb Ramsay427-641131
Peter Johnstone491Jennifer Smith31018110.5120
John Baird482Vicky Robertson30617610.527
Jennifer Smith310Peter Johnstone491-18110-245
Vicky Robertson306John Baird482-1768-412
Helen Sillis303Lorraine Van Veen408-1058-454
Jane Walton366Margie Hurly387-217-24

Grade C

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Selena Chan310Jean O’Brien426-11614706
Jean O’Brien426Selena Chan3101161391
Clare Wall401Shirley Hol436-351317
Yoon Kim Fong469Anne Goldstein38287131
Nola Borrell329Karen Miller3191012-16
Shirley Hol436Clare Wall4013512-49
Suzanne Liddall432Ruth Groffman3765611481
Anne Goldstein382Yoon Kim Fong469-8710-100
Karen Miller319Nola Borrell329-1010-271
Jena Yousif367Betty Eriksen347209-74
Betty Eriksen347Jena Yousif367-208-239
Ruth Groffman376Suzanne Liddall432-567-547

Grade D

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Lyn Toka355Geoff Vautier508-15316226
Heather Landon453Marian Ross4272614648
Joanna Fox440Chris Handley500-6014584
Tara Hurley426Llane Hadden30312313.5837
Marian Ross427Heather Landon453-2613-64
Cathy Casey335Grant Paulin368-3312640
Llane Hadden303Tara Hurley426-12311-494
Grant Paulin368Cathy Casey3353310-197
Marilyn Sinclair404Colleen Cook379258-317
Geoff Vautier508Lyn Toka3551537.5-653
Colleen Cook379Marilyn Sinclair404-257-176
Chris Handley500Joanna Fox440606-1034

Grade E

Player 1ScorePlayer 2ScoreGame
Mandy Thorogood450Hanna Dodge313137191614
Megg Hewlett390Madelaine Green406-1616912
Hanna Dodge313Mandy Thorogood450-13712.5235
Ruth Godwin311Sue Hensley392-8112337
Judy Driscoll372Tony Charlton3234912228
Noeline Monsef361Anne Scatchard3085312-36
Madelaine Green406Megg Hewlett3901611-162
Sue Hensley392Ruth Godwin311811062
Frances Higham378Judy Cronin2859310-504
Tony Charlton323Judy Driscoll372-499.5-74
Anne Scatchard308Noeline Monsef361-539-370
Graeme Quinn250Dale McMillen362-1128-794
Dale McMillen362Graeme Quinn2501127-570
Judy Cronin285Frances Higham378-936-878

Statistics for round 22

Highest individual score: 564 (Cicely Bruce)
Highest combined score: 977 (Cicely Bruce vs Liz Fagerlund)
Largest spread: 181 (Peter Johnstone vs Jennifer Smith)

Statistics for rounds 1-22

Highest individual score: 592 (Gil Quiballo in round 19)
Highest combined score: 977 (Cicely Bruce vs Liz Fagerlund in round 22)
Largest spread: 280 (Joanna Fox vs Heather Landon in round 9)

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